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Wineshield is a division of Golden West Packaging Group.

Our proprietary product line of DtC wine shippers, WineShieldTM and affiliated patents and trademarks to Golden West Packaging Group LLC.

Golden West Packaging Group has the size, scope and resources to help increase the awareness that WineShield ™ is the best packaging choice for helping wineries enhance their brand image. Our dedication to quality and service will continue our tradition of customer first.

WineShieldTM DtC Packaging

A proprietary, patented packaging system for DtC (direct to consumer) wine shipping under the trade name WineShield™.

WineShield’s™ innovative design offers better protection and better presentation for your wines.

Custom WineShieldTM Packaging

WineShield™ custom printing and branding uniquely allows wineries to set themselves apart and enhance their unique brand story with their most important and valued customers.

WineShield™ is the preferred DtC Shipper for wineries which understand that all core elements of packaging need to align with the standards, style and image of a brand.